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Ever wondered what would have happened if Bella had stayed with her mom? Sign up and find out !
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     Aria Fyre Garrowson

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    Aria Fyre


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    PostSubject: Aria Fyre Garrowson   Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:10 pm

    ***Before we start, I wanna say thatyou've seen most of this on the other sites I'm on but I've added some new stuffs and I would like to point out that all the new stuff is gunna be in italics! Hope you read it... It really helps you get a better understanding of my character.***

    Hey There! I'm Becca! How 'bout you?
    I'm Aria!

    Awesome name!! How long on the clock?
    I'm almost 15 years old, thank you very much!

    Cool! I'm thirteen. So, I've been rping for a while. How long have you?
    I've been RPing for around a year!

    Okay, so now I want to know about your character!! Change forms NOW! (:

    What's your name?
    Her name is Aria Fyre Garrowson.

    Awesome. but that's kindof long. Do they like to be called anything shorter?
    Aria is fine!

    Ooh, that's better. So, how old are you?
    I'm 15... no younger, no older.

    Okay, so you are human?
    Yep that's me... The weak and fragile human.

    So, you run with other people, right?
    Acctually, nope. It's just me and my daughter. I ran with the wrong people before, so I've learned from my mistakes now and I like it being just us.

    Ooh, I like your hair! Is it natural?
    Yeah! Most people assume that I add pink to my blonde hair but it's just that way. Strawberry-blondes are kinda rare now-a-days. My vibrant green eyes are completely real too! I mean, the whole "faceted-looking" part looks really great but it's hard for most people to accept that people don't have to go through drastic measures to look dude-awesome. I stand about 5 foot 4, and I've been pretty skinny my whole life (except in those 5 or 6 months before Novell was born) but now I'm at a comforable 105 pounds.

    You really seem nice (:
    Well, thanks! But if you cross me in any way I won't be. I LOVE cooking. I absolutely LOVE being a mom and there's nothing you can do or say that will make me ashamed of that. I am a hard worker for what I want and I'd do anything for my family and friends. I am definately NOT illeterate and I use words in everyday conversation that most college graduates never heard. Music is one af VERY fw things in my life that keep me sane. Come between my muzik and me and there's a HUGE problem there! Some artists, if I must condense it: Bullet For My Valentine, The Used, Ok Go, Thousand Foot Krutch, The Script, FlyLeaf, Skillet, Dream Theater, Breaking Benjamin, OLD HelloGoodbye, My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, Hollywood Undead, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus... Mostly Emo, Screamo (There IS a difference!!), Hard Rock, Some Metal, New Rock, Punk Rock... I HATE COUNTRY!!!! I will NEVER change my opinions about it so don't even try to! I try my hardest (most of the time) but sometimes my hardest still isn't very good... You're gunna have to deal with that! Most of the time I'm happy and fun but beware: I am an Imploder! I tend to bunch up my anger and finally burst at anyone near me at that time. I'm sorry if you are an innocent bystander if/when this happens, but otherwise, I'm sure you deserve it... I live in Foster Care and was just transferred to Forks because my parents "died". Acctually they both became vampires (I know this because I got a letter on my 15th birthday about it from them). I've never really paid attention to the mentors that have been assigned to me so I've been bounced around like a hacky sack. Don't judge me! I don't break the rules... I just ignore them... I have a gorgeous 3-month-old daughter named Novell Journey. She is my life and the only reason I wake in the morning. If it matters, there is a not father in the picture but we survive without. But guys can feel free to try and change it... I'm not against that. Before I moved here, I lived in Michigan... Upper Michigan. Above the Mackinac Bridge. I was a real.."people-person" then and ended up with the WRONG crowd. I've learned from my miistakes and now I'm a VERY guarded person.. Very few people can crack my shell. Congrats to you if you do!

    Where's the crib?

    I live in a pretty big house near the treaty-border, on the vampire side. It's grey-blue, and has 4 bedrooms (two of which I and Novell use) and 3.5 bathrooms (I have one for myself). We basically have th whole second level for ourselves, which is great! One othe Foster Child is in the other bedroom downstairs and my foster Parent's room is down there too.

    Let's talk about you. Your life story?
    Well, where to start? The beginning, I guess! Well I was born God-knows-where (Chicago, I think) to April and Robert Garrowson. My father was hit by a semi truck in his rush to get to the hospital the day I was born. My mother died the day after I was born. She wasn't supposed to have children in the first place because of the risks involved. I'm sure she would sill be alive if my father hadn't died, causing her heart to break. So there I was, a tiny baby without parents. Well it's not like it hasn't happened before! Like the other cases, I was sent to an orphanage. I stayed there until I was in kindergarden. That was when my "hacky-sacking" started. I was a rebelious child and I never followed any rules, so I wasn't tolerated for long by anyone. Once I hit middle school, I began to run away from the homes all the time. As of now, I am a Junior in high school and I'm 15, turning 16 in October. I got pregnant at the last place I was at in Upper Michigan. Her "father" is a guy 3 or 4 years older than me who used me and then left me (and the state). So once I turn 16, I plan to get emancipated. I think I can give my daughter a better life if I don't have to listen to the dumb Foster Parents assigned to me and can I can take care of myself. So now I'm in this horrible overly-green place for a while. I guess I'd better get used to it, huh? And I do know about all the mythical stuffs that goes on around here, so don't try to fool me.

    Ohmygosh!! You look exactly like... what'stheirname??
    Well, people told my I look like Avril Lavigne a lot...

    {Sorry! Had trouble posting a pic so just check out my Avatar!}

    Hey, Thanks! I'll let you know ASAP if you're accepted (:

    ZOMG !!! I rule at RPing (: As you will find out…

    Aria wandered the halls at Forks High, eager to leave and get home to Novell. She was still the shy, quiet, new girl and she didn't talk much to anyone. She carried her books on her hip and her bag was hanging off her other shoulder. She was headed to English III right now. English had always been her favorite subject, but the teacher here twisted it so much that she had started to hate it... At least this year. Once she was in the classroom, Aria found a seat at the back of the class like always and set her books on her desk. She looked out the window next to her, thinking. *Just one more hour,* she recited in her mind. *After this I get to go home and see her again. I can't believe I'm in school already! And i know she doesn't like Angela, so why do I force them together all the time?!* She shook her head at her own stupidty and then the bell rang, signalling the start of class. Aria paid no attention as Mrs. Wilson lectured in the front of the class; She was too lost in thought to care what the bitchy woman said. Finally the bell rang and Aria was the first one up and out of the classroom. She rushed to her locker and got her homework together in seconds. Then Aria whipped around, slamming her locker door behind her and was about to take off when she accidentally walked right into someone. "Sorry," she mumbled, eager to get out of there.

    ***Ugh, that took much longer than I expected! But it's all there and I'm alwas glad to join your teams (and there's lots)! Love you guys!! <3***
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    PostSubject: Re: Aria Fyre Garrowson   Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:06 am

    Fill out the claims and getcha butt rping (:
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    Aria Fyre


    Posts : 168
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    PostSubject: Re: Aria Fyre Garrowson   Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:13 pm

    Yes ma'am!
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    PostSubject: Re: Aria Fyre Garrowson   

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    Aria Fyre Garrowson
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