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 Taelor Genevieve Vos

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PostSubject: Taelor Genevieve Vos   Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:10 pm

Hey There! I'm Becca! How 'bout you?

Awesome name!! How long on the clock?
[17 almost 18]

Cool! I'm thirteen. So, I've been rping for a while. How long have you?
[a couple months]

Okay, so now I want to know about your character!! Change forms NOW! (:

What's your name?
His/her name is [Taelor Genevieve Vos]

Awesome. but that's kindof long. Do they like to be called anything shorter?

Ooh, that's better. So, how old are you?
[18, 2]

Okay, so you are human?

So, you run with other people, right?
[Just Jayson and I]

Ooh, I like your hair! Is it natural?

You really seem nice (:
[Taelor is sweet but fierce]

Where's the crib?
[Small home]

Ohmygosh!! You look exactly like... what'stheirname??
[Carrie Underwood]

Hey, Thanks! I'll let you know ASAP if you're accepted (:

ZOMG !!! I rule at RPing (: As you will find out…

[ Taelor was tired of searching... "Where could she be? I've searched almost the entire globe!" she said to herself. "Elaine, where are you?!" Elaine was her little sister, now about thirteen, who went missing two years ago. Taelor was currently searching in Los Angeles, working her way up the west coast. It was nearly ten o'clock, so she pulled into a hotel for the evening.
The hotel was kind of run-down, but still, it was an affordable place to sleep. She had to lie about her age, because even though she was nearly eighteen, they 'didn't rent to minors.'


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PostSubject: Re: Taelor Genevieve Vos   Sat Sep 11, 2010 2:59 am

Fill out the claims and you can rp right away (:
Although could you please fill out the History (;
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Taelor Genevieve Vos
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