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Ever wondered what would have happened if Bella had stayed with her mom? Sign up and find out !
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 Jayson Nickolas Vos

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PostSubject: Jayson Nickolas Vos   Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:51 pm

Hey There! I'm Becca! How 'bout you?
Awesome name!! How long on the clock?

Cool! I'm thirteen. So, I've been rping for a while. How long have you?
[3 years]

Okay, so now I want to know about your character!! Change forms NOW! (:

What's your name?
His/her name is [Jayson Nickolas Vos]

Awesome. but that's kindof long. Do they like to be called anything shorter?

Ooh, that's better. So, how old are you?
[23, 7]

Okay, so you are human?

So, you run with other people, right?
[Just Taelor and I]

Ooh, I like your hair! Is it natural?

You really seem nice (:
[The perfect Gentleman at times, but, is very protective of Taelor]

Where's the crib?

Ohmygosh!! You look exactly like... what'stheirname??
[Jared Leto]

Hey, Thanks! I'll let you know ASAP if you're accepted (:

ZOMG !!! I rule at RPing (: As you will find out…

(As Aro Razz)

[Aro sighed as he sat in his throne in the giant room. His thoughts drifted off into power-hungry places that were greedy and sometimes cruel. Aro lusted for only one thing, power. And the power that he wanted most was unattainable. Edward's power... His sisters... He could have none of it and it angered him. Even though Edward's power was greater than Aro's, they were similar it was just that Edward's wasn't as limited, which is what made Aro lust for it. And the little clairvoyant one... Her power would be useful as well. To see the future would mean that the Volturi would be nearly impossible to beat; they would have a head start.

Aro sighed as he realized that those powers would never be his unless he risked the Volturi's reputation and forced them to join his legiance. Aro pushed away his power-hungry thoughts then moved on to something that was more important, at least to everyone else if not him. "Jane?" he called out softly knowing that she was never to far to hear his call. He waited silently for Jane to approach him. Aro had a mission in store; it appeared as though some newborns were causing trouble in New York. Jane and Alec could solve the problem alone but he would be sending a few other guard members along just in case.]
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PostSubject: Re: Jayson Nickolas Vos   Sat Sep 11, 2010 2:57 am

Fill out the claims and you can rp right away (;
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Jayson Nickolas Vos
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