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Ever wondered what would have happened if Bella had stayed with her mom? Sign up and find out !
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 Luke's and Edward's Site (Yes we are the same person)

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Luke Cullen


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PostSubject: Luke's and Edward's Site (Yes we are the same person)   Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:15 am

The world of Lashrai

Amina's Rising: Chapter One

Over five hundred thousand years ago, a monster by the Name of Amina the Demon King ruled the world of Lashrai with an Iron fist and with his mind control his enslaved the human race to do his bidding with his loyal servants the Demon race, but after a while whispers began spreading of Six heroes ineffective to Amina’s mind control and with all their might they slow freed the human race. The Six Heroes, The two Human Heroes were Azalel a Human Archer and Luna a Human Sword master. The Two Elf Heroes were Larna a Elf Mage and Hire a Hand to Hand Combat Specialist. Last but not least The Neko Heroes Zeka a Neko Assassin and Neka a Neko Spear Master. They fought Amina for three days straight before a blow injured Amina that made it possible to seal him in to a Shrine in the forest of Bloodshed but at cost of the Heroes lives. Now Five hundred thousand year to the future when everyone gets along Amina’s Energy calls out to the long lost Demon race bring them back to life to terrorizes the cities only a few will fight. Will you be one of them?

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Luke's and Edward's Site (Yes we are the same person)
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